The Khalil Jibran Experience - LOVE IS KING // MASHUP


Who are The Passport Bros?

Who are the Passport Bros? The Passport Bros are the latest mutation of "The Red Pill" community. Red Pillers are men who view the current dating market as a modern "Matrix"--where Men are programmed to lose by design. There are...

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Is Dating Dead? -- "The Evolution of Hook up culture" (PT1)

Living in this millenial generation, it seems to have become a world of instant gratification. We have computers in our pocket, can have food and groceries at our door with a few thumb taps, and can find any piece of...

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Khalil Jibran's been knew it video is on the way. Been knew it was produced by Great John, the two previously collaborated on records like Look At Me Now (Woah! Woah!), & Double It. We are looking forward to another...

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I'm Back Now 💞 (New Song)

The Rose in the concrete

The Award Winning FUCK 12