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Is Dating Dead? -- "The Evolution of Hook up culture" (PT1)

By Khalil Banner

Is Dating Dead? -- "The Evolution of Hook up culture" (PT1)

Living in this millenial generation, it seems to have become a world of instant gratification. We have computers in our pocket, can have food and groceries at our door with a few thumb taps, and can find any piece of information we seek via YouTube and Google. We even get upset if a web page is taking 20 seconds longer than we expected it to load.

How do these trends affect the other areas of our lives? From the depiction of memes floating around the internet, it seems as everyone is heartless &  hyper-independent. We live in the generation where we champion the ability to "cut people off" instead of communication with the intention of conflict resolution.

Not to mention the blog pages and podcasters that recycle the SAME old conversations of $200 dates and men and women going half on the bills. Pages like TheShadeRoom perpetuate celebrity narratives and have all the women emulating the ways of the newest rapper's "babymother". This has spawned the wave of BBLs, online boutiques, and a wave of bartenders persuading you to pull up to their bar.

How does one date in this climate? A man isn't seen as valuable unless he's a scammer, rapper, or an athlete. It almost seems like the younger generation has lost respect for the average working man. Young Men don't want to be one, and young women don't want to be with one. People like Kevin Samuels attempted to restore balance with his 'Thanos-like' tactics. Many tuned into his livestreams and can admit he helped transform their life and world view, while others paint him as the face of misogyny. With the rise of The Passport Bros (to be discussed in a later article) dating in America has taken a whole new form for men.

Was KS our last hope?

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