Who are The Passport Bros?

By Khalil Banner

Who are The Passport Bros?

Who are the Passport Bros?

The Passport Bros are the latest mutation of "The Red Pill" community. Red Pillers are men who view the current dating market as a modern "Matrix"--where Men are programmed to lose by design. There are a bunch of subgroups within this YouTube genre, such as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), Black Pill, Purple pill, and the newest, The Passport Bros.

These gentlemen don't believe in playing dating 'cat and mouse games' with Modern Women. They say they'd rather migrate overseas, where their 'talents' are more appreciated with less hassle, back bending (pause), and combativeness.

Passport Bros say overseas is a Man's paradise. Beautiful women without the American dating politics, that men bear the most of the brunt of.

Some criticize this group and say they only travel for sex tourism, and to take advantage of women with less fortunate situations. This would be a significant argument, however in America it seems all women sell is sex (symbolized by the female rappers with millions of marketing dollars behind them). Cardi B's latest lyric has women everywhere screaming how they don't cook and they don't clean, but have WAP (Wet A*s P*ssy).

Foreign women are usually raised with traditional values. They were raised to be apart of family units. Waves of modern feminism hasn't penetrated some of these regions. These women don't desire to compete with Men, rather they take pleasure & delight in being complimentary. They have no desire to be strong independent women, nor do they have the anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better or I-can-do-bad-all-by-myself mindset. So when American men land in on foreign soil, the femininity that they experience from these women is a macro-dose ecstasy, and extremely intoxicating.

Auston Holleman, a 23 year old Black man from Dallas, Texas has become the face of the movement. He's a controversial figure, and quite frankly he welcomes the nay saying with a warm embrace. He's on record for saying "The Safer the society, the less feminine the Women".

Auston blew up on Tik Tok, and instantly built a respectable following on YouTube, with the support and mentoring of tenured content creators in the Red Pill YouTube community. He has traveled to Brazil, Colombia, & Thailand so far, and has documented his travels on his YouTube channel.

"There's this thing going on now where there's not even a gender anymore, so you're not going to tell me Femininity isn't scarce". - Auston Holleman

Do you understand their plight? Is fleeing to foreign land their form of escapism?

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